Handmade. Kentucky. Furniture.

Original design…One piece at a time.


Welcome to Mark Whitley Studio.  I create handmade contemporary furniture here on my little farm in Kentucky.  I enjoy the solitude of the studio, and have spent most of my life honing my craft.  I’m an artist, a musician, a father, and a husband.  I like working with my hands.  I like adding things of beauty to the world, and I love a good project.  Have a look around-The heart of my business is interesting wood.  I have great reverence for fine lumber and find most of the wood used in my studio here in Kentucky.  Sometimes I can reclaim wood from ancient logs, sometimes I find great lumber stored away in barns, and sometimes the wood is found at my local sawmill.


Mark Whitley Studio

Smiths Grove, KY   270.678.9745

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Sara Martter ColeI saw one in Chili's yesterday and wondered who the craftsman was! Great Job Mark!1 week ago
Floyda Sullivan JesseeI didn't know you were making those. Great job.1 week ago   ·  1
Gene' Jackson WinfreyVery cool. Let's meet there soon for a brew & dinner!1 week ago
Andee RudloffYou rock...make me one!1 week ago
Joe RushSweet1 week ago
Lilli HendrixAMAZING!1 week ago
Kristopher Craig WinfreyWhen we going..?1 week ago

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Shirley MartinBEAUTIFUL !!1 month ago
Juanita D KronenbergerBeautiful work!1 month ago
Charles William WhitleyGreat, as usual, Son!1 month ago
Anita Plumlee EastLove them!1 month ago

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