Handmade. Kentucky. Furniture.

Original design…One piece at a time.


Welcome to Mark Whitley Studio.  I create handmade contemporary furniture here on my little farm in Kentucky.  I enjoy the solitude of the studio, and have spent most of my life honing my craft.  I’m an artist, a musician, a father, and a husband.  I like working with my hands.  I like adding things of beauty to the world, and I love a good project.  Have a look around-The heart of my business is interesting wood.  I have great reverence for fine lumber and find most of the wood used in my studio here in Kentucky.  Sometimes I can reclaim wood from ancient logs, sometimes I find great lumber stored away in barns, and sometimes the wood is found at my local sawmill.


Mark Whitley Studio

Smiths Grove, KY   270.678.9745