Blackwood Watch


While exploring on our creek one day with my little boy, I heard, “Daddy, this looks cool”.  I turned to see the edge of a blackened piece of wood sticking up from the gravel bar.  We dug and washed it off in the cool water, and sure enough, it was a spectacular piece of oak that had been underwater slowly absorbing iron for so long that it was ebonized all the way through.  Completely waterlogged, I heaved the piece on my shoulder and carried it to the studio where it rested and dried for two years.  Blackwood Watch makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, like a tower looking out over the land.  It evokes emotion from the intricate carved recesses, and the menacing way it interacts with space.  Oak, maple, bronze.  70″ x 18″ x 13″




Since people first figured out how to manipulate solid materials, the human form has been sculpted.  Having found a large chunk of big leaf mahogany that mysteriously ended up in a barn in Kentucky, I thought it worthy of the same.  She sits atop spalted maple and dyed concrete.